is organization for registration of American Pit Bull Terriers. From our start, since 1996, we are trying to improve our services and we are doing it through everyday contacts with breeders from all over the world. We started with 48 hours standard processing for all paperwork and we are trying to do the same today. At first, we started as local organization for Eastern Europe, but today we have dogs registered from all over the world (East and West Europe, United States of America and Australia).

First of all, that is only way to show how your dogs are really bred. Then, ask around and check who wants a dog without pedigree. It’s hard to be sure if a dog is even pure bred A.P.B.T. without pedigree. Registration is not a hard thing to do; it’s not expensive, so why don’t you do it? When you sell a dog you can fill up APPLICATION FOR SINGLE REGISTRATION, and new owner can do all the rest. So, it’s free for you and new owner will have proof that he bought that dog. All forms and application are printed in English language. When you register a dog, papers never expire and they are only invalid if a dog is deceased or reported stolen.